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Learn about your legal rights in the state of Missouri following a car accident.

A car crash can change your life in an instant.

Medical bills, lost wages, seemingly endless doctor visits, loss of enjoyment of many of the activities of daily living you formerly enjoyed, and questions about: “What are we going to do?” often follow an auto accident.

When in doubt, contact a personal injury attorney at Wolfgram Law. As experienced trial lawyers, we have experience with many different types of car wreck cases. These include:

We have seen it all and know exactly what to do to secure a recovery and hold the Defendant and their insurance company accountable.

So while you are picking up the pieces of your life, KNOW there is not just a lawyer, but an entire team of attorneys and paralegals at Wolfgram Law working to secure a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

We handle cases in both Missouri and Illinois. We will never ask you for money and there is no fee unless you collect. Our fees and expenses come from the driver’s insurance company or corporations that put profits over people. Expenses are carried to the end of the case. We will not ask you for money until a check with your name on it arrives at our office.

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When you get hurt in an auto accident, the medical bills quickly add up. It starts with the ambulance bill and continues with any hospitalizations, surgeries, therapies, or medical services. A single MRI can cost thousands of dollars. Most people don’t have this kind of cash, and their health insurance may not cover every service. So what can you do in this situation?

If you were in an accident caused by another driver, you are entitled to compensation including, but not limited to:

  • Medical bills
  • Possible future medical expenses
  • Lost wages or lost earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Loss of companionship
  • Pain and suffering

If you have questions about what to do in a car accident, contact Wolfgram Law. We are here to help.

More Questions? Read our Car Accident FAQs


The problem is that these circumstances were thrust on you because of the negligence of another driver. Someone who was in a hurry, distracted, inattentive, speeding, or violating the rules of the road that were put in place to protect us all from harm.

Amazon Prime, UPS, FedEX, the Postal Service, and so many independent contract carriers continuously hire drivers with little or no experience. How do they make money? By going as fast as they can, cutting corners, and putting lives in danger.

The experienced St. Louis, MO car accident attorneys at Wolfgram Law will help balance the harms and losses suffered so you can return to living your life. Future damages are just as important as past damages suffered. One without the other is not just compensation.

You may have to “live with it,” but our job at Wolfgram Law is to hold the negligent driver responsible. This is not just about making money – it is about righting a wrong and making the driver and corporation change so that someone else isn’t hurt like you.

If you have said:

  • “I just don’t want this to happen to anyone else”
  • “No other family should have to go through what we have been through”
  • “I just want them to take responsibility”

We hear you. We are ready to fight with you, beside you, and for you to stop the negligence.

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You deserve compensation for your injuries, but the legal process is complex. If you aren’t getting anywhere with the insurance companies or are just tired of feeling harassed by them, you need a personal injury lawyer on your side who will fight tooth-and-nail for your rights.

The car accident attorneys at Wolfgram Law will negotiate a settlement from a position of strength and power. We are not afraid to go to trial against insurance companies that refuse to pay a reasonable amount for your claim.

Many personal injury attorneys simply settle, but a low offer is not a fair offer. Our experienced trial team is committed to fighting for what is fair, reasonable, and necessary – not just now but for future medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering that may last a lifetime.

The costs of litigation can add up, even into the thousands of dollars. We know this and are fully committed to spending what it takes to bring the case to court. All costs of litigation are paid up-front by Wolfgram Law, and we will not ask you for money.

The insurance company has unlimited resources and will try to outspend the injured or try to starve them out by dragging out litigation. It is important to choose a law firm that has the resources to fight the big insurance companies. At Wolfgram Law, we have only the most dedicated and experienced lawyers specializing in personal injury to represent you and your family.

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We have good news. After 30 years of helping people injured in auto accidents, we can say that the human desire to heal, adapt, and overcome injuries and disabilities will amaze you. If you are in the dark days of an accident and its aftermath, know that things will get better. For those of us at Wolfgram Law, it is one of the proofs of God to see how people recover from injuries or the tragedy of losing a loved one.

Our car accident lawyers are here to provide representation to victims who seek justice. Contact the compassionate lawyers at Wolfgram Law for a free consultation. We will gladly answer your legal questions while we talk over your case.

If you’ve had an Auto Accident and need a free case evaluation, please contact us.

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