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Burn Injury Lawyer St. Louis

Wolfgram & Associates has the experience to help burn injury victims. Burn injuries are a complex and wide-ranging area of law practice. Fire, hot water, electricity, or chemicals can cause burns. Your burn injury lawyer must be knowledgeable about product liability, premises liability, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and professional negligence.

After you contact Wolfgram Law for a burn injury case, we will immediately hire a team of fire investigators or forensic engineers. We will rush and meet them at the scene. If it is in our client’s best interest, we employ other more specialized experts to help us with your case. Our foremost concern is gathering evidence quickly.

Burn Injury Lawyer

In the past, we have pulled down boarded-up windows and doors to gain access to a scene.  Likewise, our experience team of burn injury attorneys will stop trash collectors from hauling away water heaters. Furthermore, we will photograph, poke, prod, and scrape our way through a scene until the pieces of the puzzle are clear. The bottom line is that the experienced burn injury attorneys at Wolfgram Law will do what it takes to make things right for their client.

Burn injury cases are the most time-sensitive cases we work on. We need get to the scene to secure vital information before it is destroyed by the firefighters, or dismantled, thrown away, or fixed by landowners or employers. The burn injury lawyers at Wolfgram Law will immediately hire a team of fire investigators or forensic engineers and rush to meet them at the scene. We often end up employing even more specialized experts at a later date. But our foremost concern is gathering evidence quickly.

I have pulled down boarded-up windows and doors to gain access to a scene. We have stopped trash collectors from hauling away water heaters. We photograph, poke, prod, and scrape our way through a scene until the pieces of the puzzle are clear. For a burn injury case, it’s vital to hire a lawyer who has experience, or the case can be lost before it begins.

Burn Injury Cases We Handle

Apartment Fire Burn Injury

The landlord has a duty both to help prevent fires and to ensure survival of the residents in case of fire. Furthermore, your landlord is responsible for keeping furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, and electrical systems in good working order. All hallways must be kept clear of trash, boxes, discarded furniture, and any other obstacle that could catch fire or block an escape route. All apartment owners are obliged to install working smoke detectors. Any mandatory fire suppression systems, such as fire extinguishers and sprinklers, must be up-to-date and in working order. Lastly, All fire doors must be operational – shut, but not locked.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns affect more than the skin. Inhalation of harmful chemicals damages the lungs and blood vessels as well as the eyes, nose, and throat. A victim of a chemical burn that is deprived of oxygen can even suffer brain injury. Determining the party at fault for a chemical accident can be complex. As a result, we look at chemical manufacturers, chemical transporters, employers, co-workers, and others, as the case warrants. While we work on the case, we refer our clients to a well-known organization, the Chemical Injury Support Group, which helps victims of these injuries.

Electrical Burn Injury

Electrical burns require a thorough investigation. The responsible party may be a manufacturer, an employer, a subcontractor, a landowner, a utility company, or a former occupier of the site. Because of this, when it comes to electrical burn cases, we always need to file suit to get access to layers of contracts so that we can sort out liability.

Scalding Injuries

Most of the scalding cases we have worked on involved some kind of caregiver neglect. This is usually in a nursing home or day care setting, sometimes in combination with malfunctioning water heating devices. These might include the water heaters, water tempering devices (which regulate the water temperature after it leaves the water heater), and point-of-use valves, such as faucets and shower heads. Recent advancements in the plumbing industry have made bathing safer. But they all require a properly designed and maintained water heating system to work. We always get to the site of the incident as soon as possible to document what went wrong. If the water heater or other defective device is destroyed, answers about what happened can be lost forever.

We invite you to watch the video below discussing how burn injuries are classified.

Burn Treatment

The doctors and nurses who treat burn victims are the most compassionate and professional people I have ever met. The treatment of burns is vastly complex. The physician must manage respiration, heart rate, nutrition, hydration, infection, and pain. The treatment of a burn requires the supervising doctor to balance many competing medical challenges.

Burns are painful, and often the treatment is worse. First, burns must be cleaned and debrided. Debriding is the scraping away of dead tissue to prevent infection and to promote healing. Many burn victims must undergo skin grafts to acquire a new layer of protection against infection. The disfiguring scars left by burns affect the body, mind, and spirit. Treatment must address both the physical and the mental aspects of the injury.

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