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If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be asking yourself the following questions:

What is workers’ compensation in Missouri?

Workers’ compensation provides compensation to most employees who are injured on the job.

What is covered by workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation covers your medical bills related to treating your injury, replaces your lost income if you miss extended time from work and compensate you for the long-term impacts of your injury.

What should I do after an injury at work?

If you are injured at work, you should immediately report your injury to your supervisor, ask them to fill out a “Report of Injury”  and request that they provide you with medical treatment.

Who pays for workers’ compensation benefits?

In most cases, your Employer has workers’ compensation insurance and the insurance company is responsible for paying benefits directly to an injured employee.

How do I file a workers’ compensation claim?

As your attorneys, we will file a Claim for Compensation on your behalf with the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation to preserve your rights and pursue your claim.

Should I report a work injury even if it is a small one?

You should report all injuries to your Employer, even if you think it is a minor injury.  Frequently, the full impact of an injury may not be known for several days.  By reporting even minor injuries right away, you protect your rights in the event that your minor injury turns out to be much worse than you initially think.

Can my boss fire me because I have filed a workers’ compensation claim?

The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act prohibits your boss from firing you for filing a workers’ compensation claim and gives you a separate cause of action against your employer if they fire you for pursuing your workers’ compensation benefits.  Let your attorney know if you believe that your Employer fired you or discriminated against you because you asked for workers’ compensation benefits.

Can I choose my own doctor to treat my work injury?

Your employer is entitled to choose your doctor if you want them to pay for your medical care.  You can choose to go to your own doctor but in most circumstances you will be required to pay for this treatment out of your own pocket.

How long after I am injured do I have to file my claim?

Under most circumstances you have 2 years to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Can I still get benefits if the accident was my fault?

In most cases, workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system that allows you to collect benefits even when the accident was your fault. Call us to discuss the circumstances of your injury and we can let you know your rights.

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