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Bicycle Accident Lawyer St Louis

Same roads, same rights. Wolfgram Law is passionate about representing victims injured in bicycle accidents in Missouri. We have an in-depth knowledge of the law as well as of insurance company practices, and as cyclists ourselves, understand the issues that cyclists face.

Kurt Wolfgram often commutes to work and enjoys organized rides and long-distance cycling. He has biked across Missouri on the KATY trail, across Iowa as part of the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. The Madison County Illinois Trail is just out his front door and across the river. Kurt is proudest when riding his “cancer-curing bike” in Pedal the Cause, A world without cancer, as part of Team Heads Up. 

If you suffered injuries, or someone you love was killed as a result of a conduct of a careless driver, Wolfgram Law is here to help. From filing the first insurance claim, to winning a settlement or verdict, we are with you every step of the way.  Our team of experts will investigate the how and why of the accident.  When it comes to making a settlement demand or asking the jury for an amount in their verdict that will make you whole, we have the knowledge and experience to state that figure with confidence, and back it up with action. If you have questions about “What is my case worth?” Contact us today.

Why You Need a St. Louis Bicycle Accident Attorney

As a result of more people choosing to ride their bicycles to work, school or for recreational purposes, bicycle accident injuries are becoming more common.

Bicyclists have the same legal rights as motor vehicle operators. Meaning, that motor vehicle operators are required to keep a careful lookout for bicyclists just as they would other motor vehicles to prevent accidents. Yet, the most common cause of bike accidents are motorists turning left in front of cyclists. Also common is the right hand cut off. Less often, bikes are struck from behind, but with texting, and more and more drivers failing to pay attention, the rear-end collisions are becoming more common. 

If you were injured in a bike accident involving a motor vehicle, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries, and need to choose a personal injury firm that knows first hand what your rights are and how to obtain money when bikes are hit by cars.

What Are My Rights in a Bicycle Accident?

Bicycle laws protect your rights. Bike riders have a right to safe travel on the roads yet cars, trucks, delivery vehicles and angry motorists all too often cause bike accidents and wrecks. 

In addition to pain and suffering, a bike accident may result in life-altering injuries that result in huge medical bills but also affect your income and activities of daily living.  If life-long care is needed we hire a Life Care Planner to determine the cost of your future medical care. Not just now but for the rest of your life. Motor vehicle accidents are often caused by driver carelessness or not paying attention. When a negligent driver causes a motor vehicle accident that injures a cyclist, their insurance policy is liable for the damage. If you have been injured in a bike accident, let the attorneys at Wolfgram Law fight for your rights on your behalf. 

Your Rights in a Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident

Injured bicyclists have the same rights as motor vehicle operators. But, what if the driver involved in a bike accident is a hit-and-run driver? Or, what if the driver does not have insurance?

If you were struck on your bicycle by a hit-and-run driver, or the driver turns out not to have insurance, Wolfgram Law can still collect money for your injuries, medical bills, and disability. The uninsured or “phantom” motorists, also known as “hit-and-run” drivers, may have gotten away, but you can still recover money for your injuries. Every policy of insurance in Missouri is sold with insurance to cover people who do not have insurance. So, even though the driver fled from the scene of the accident, you can still get paid.

The St. Louis bicycle accident attorneys at Wolfgram Law can help identify and explain the details of coverage and how much money is available to compensate you and your family for pain and suffering, permanent injury, medical bills, and lost wages. Contact us today to find out what to do when your bike accident was caused by a hit-and-run or uninsured motor vehicle driver. 

Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers in St. Louis Are Here to Help

Wolfgram Law handles a variety of bicycle accident cases, from personal injury to wrongful death. If you or a family member has sustained serious injuries because of the recklessness of a motor vehicle driver, and has incurred insurmountable medical bills, lost wages, or other damages as a result, Wolfgram Law can fight for your rights. We have recovered millions in settlements on behalf of our clients and will pursue full compensation for your case.

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If you sustained injuries in a bike accident involving a motor vehicle, you have a right to pursue compensation. For a free, fast, confidential evaluation, contact Wolfgram Law today to discuss your options with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.

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