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Wolfgram Bicycle Accident Attorneys in St Louis, MO

St. Louis and the state of Missouri have passed laws that are being implemented to protect the interests of cyclists injured in a bicycle accident. These bicycle laws ensure the safety of the public. It is important to avoid colliding with pedestrians or other bicycle riders. Bicyclists have the same rights and duties as anyone who is driving a vehicle.

St. Louis has even started bicycle programs and stations in some areas due to the increasing number of cyclists on the road. In addition, we have all seen rental bikes on the road from bike sharing companies such as Lime & Bird. Bicycling as a method of transportation and commuting is here to stay. Unfortunately, many motorists are not yet used to having to watch for the growing number of cyclists on Missouri roads.

Bicycle Injury Lawyer

As a result of more people choosing to ride their bicycles to work, school or for recreational purposes, bicycle accident injuries are becoming more common. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bike accident due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, contact an experienced injury attorney.  In addition to your pain and suffering, a bike accident may result in life altering injuries that can not only affect your income but also increase your expenses. Motor vehicle accidents are often caused by driver carelessness or not paying attention. When a negligent driver causes a motor vehicle accident that injures a cyclist, their insurance policy is liable for the damage.

The experienced St. Louis injury lawyers at Wolfgram Law have the in-depth knowledge of the law as well as of insurance company practices. It is normal for insurance companies to offer you lower compensation than you actually deserve. We will help with the process of filing your claim. Our team of experts will investigate the reason for your accident and calculate how much compensation you should claim for your injury.

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