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If there were more motorcycles, the world would be a safe, nicer place to live. Missouri and Illinois motorcycle riders have many great roads to ride. Unfortunately, other drivers fail to yield to motorcycles that have the right of way, causing wrecks. Distracted drivers hit bikes and motorcycles all the time. Because motorists fail to see motorcycles, they start making up facts. Get a lawyer to protect your rights. Get an investigation that includes pictures of the scene, the bike, and the vehicle, car, truck, bus, or semi that caused the wreck. If possible the vehicles should be inspected. This all costs money, but is just the start of what we do to get the most favorable settlement or verdict for your motorcycle injuries.

Most insurance companies that insure motorcycles, heavily limit the available coverage so going after the defendant is very important. When the negligent driver is uninsured or underinsured we look for all available coverage. You want an experienced lawyer who knows insurance law to find the coverage you may not know exists.

We also look at motorcycle wrecks to see if road conditions, such as overgrowth of vegetation, lane striping, and road construction standards are being followed. This includes adequate signage, barricading, drainage, and drop off warnings. You need an attorney who has handled road construction and defect cases to properly evaluate your motorcycle injury claims and get the compensation you need to survive while you heal..

If your life has been changed by a motorcycle accident in Missouri or Southern Illinois, contact the personal injury lawyers at Wolfgram Law today. Let us help you get back to doing what you love; riding. Every case is extremely important to us. We are generally able to get a favorable money settlement. However, in cases where the settlement is not fair, we don’t hesitate to file a lawsuit. When you need us, we’ll fight for you.

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