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A 30-ton, 18-wheel truck colliding with a two-ton car results in devestating damage. A motorcycle accident can be even more horrendous. Trucks dominate our highways, and the resulting accidents are different from other types of auto wrecks.

It often seems as if truck drivers are more susceptible to accidents. This is because of the truck’s size, weight, limited visibility, and maneuverability issues. Common causes of trucking accidents can include driver fatigue, speeding, over sized loads, intoxication, and poor vehicle maintenance.

There are many state and federal regulations that apply specifically to trucks and truckers. Trucking companies and corporations have their own legal teams to defend themselves against accident claims. When someone is seriously injured in an a wreck involving a commercial vehicle or company truck you need help. The experienced truck accident attorneys at Wolfgram Law Firm will fight for you.


The success of your case may depend upon whether your truck accident lawyer in St. Louis knows the details of these applicable laws. For example:

  • Truckers are typically not permitted to drive in bad weather.
  • There is often a lower speed limit for trucks.
  • Even if your vehicle strikes a truck, the truck may be liable.
  • The trucker must have a number of valid licenses.
  • Like airliners, trucks carry data recorders, and you have a right to that information.
  • Even alcohol-based cough syrup taken the night before an accident may legally impair a trucker

These are only a few of the complexities involved in truck accident cases. We have mastery of the related legal material. This enables our injury law firm to make a strong case even when it may not be obvious.


When a trucking case comes in, our experienced team of truck accident attorneys in St. Louis moves fast. We immediately visit the accident scene. We also bring in experts to help us gather vital information. As a team, we measure skid marks, collect paint samples, take photographs, and gather the trucker’s records. Our law firm knows that this is vital before before weather, traffic, and time destroy the physical evidence needed for your case. When you or your loved one may be suffering, we handle all the details. Worrying about preserving evidence should be the last thing on your mind.

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