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Distracted Driving Accident Attorney: How Cell Phones and Driving Can be a Deadly Combination

Distracted driving has emerged as one of the leading causes of road accidents in recent years, with cell phone use while driving being a particularly dangerous form of distraction. As a distracted driving accident attorney, it is crucial to understand the complex interplay between cell phones and driving and how this can lead to catastrophic consequences. The alarming increase in accidents attributed to drivers distracted by their phones underscores the need for legal expertise in this area.

Whether it’s texting, calling, or navigating apps, the split-second diversion of a driver’s attention away from the road can result in severe, and sometimes fatal, accidents. This introduction serves as a prelude to a deeper exploration of the legal implications, responsibilities, and consequences surrounding cell phone use while driving, highlighting the critical role of attorneys in seeking justice and compensation for victims of such negligence.

You wouldn’t do this…

drunk driving

What about drivers who do this…

Distracted driver accident attorney

More than a million wrecks.

Over 21% of all crashes in 2010 involved cell phones, according to the National Safety Council. Imagine how those numbers have risen! Distracted driving has become a serious public health threat.

Cell phone use is as dangerous as drunk driving. Drivers with a BAC of.08% are four times more likely to crash than sober drivers, while drivers engaged in a cell phone conversation are also four times more likely to crash than those paying attention.

In Missouri, Statute Section 304.820 bans text messaging and all other uses of mobile devices while operating a vehicle for drivers 21 or younger. However, this does not stop many people of all ages from committing this egregious error.

Texting and Driving Statistics

According to a 2009 VA Tech Institute study on driving and cell phone use,.

  • Dialing a phone increases the risk of crashing or near-crashing by 2.8 times
  • Talking or listening on a cell phone increases the risk of crashing or near-crashes by 1.3 times
  • Reaching for an object increases the risk of crashing or near-crashes by 1.4 times
  • Heavy vehicles or truck drivers dialing a cell phone increases the risk of crashing or near-crashes by 5.9 times
  • Heavy vehicle or truck drivers text messaging on a cell phone increases the risk of crashing or near-crashes by 23.2 times
  • Heavy vehicles or truck drivers reaching for an electronic device increases the risk of crashing or near-crashes by 6.7 times

Studies show that hands-free cell phone use is not much better in terms of safety. Distracted driving in any capacity leads to what researchers call “inattention blindness.” This means that drivers “look” but do not “see” up to 50 percent of everything happening around them, which can lead to lower reaction time and, worse, catastrophic injury to completely innocent people.

Don’t delay. Distracted Driving Accidents Require Your Immediate Attention

It is essential to know the facts of an accident as quickly as possible to determine liability and preserve key evidence. In cases where you believe distracted driving was to blame, our personal injury lawyers (distracted driver accident attorneys) will take immediate action to perform a comprehensive investigation into all the elements surrounding your case.

You simply cannot delay getting cell phone records! Texts often become unavailable as early as 30 days, and some cell phone data becomes unavailable after only one year. We can help you sue for cell phone records and even hire a company to do a download of the phone.

A distracted driving accident attorney St Louis is here to help. Contact them as soon as you get involved in such an accident. They are highly specialized and experienced in such cases. 

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Every time a defendant touches a cell phone, it is equal to closing their eyes for more than three seconds! It’s like playing Russian Roulette with the lives of every driver and pedestrian on the road. We sue distracted drivers!!!

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