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There is no “crisis” driving up the cost of health care or forcing good doctors out of the practice.  That is the conclusion of Steve Cohen in his March 2015 article, “On Tort Reform, It’s Time to Declare Victory and Withdraw” published in Forbes, one of the most conservative pro-business publications in the country.

There are no lottery winners in malpractice lawsuits, only victims.  It is outrageous to suggest that pain and suffering should be capped like it is in Missouri at $250,000. There is no end to a patient’s pain, suffering and emotional distress to justify a cap.  Suffering patients would gladly pay that sum for their suffering to end.

This article is the first honest discussion to show that insurance companies have created a panic to get doctors to pay more insurance and to pass laws that hurt us all.  They have traded the rights of patients for insurance company profits.  What a perfect storm, insurance companies gouge doctors for higher premiums. Then they give money to politicians and run ads supporting “tort reform” in an effort to keep verdicts down. The result of this is of course more money in the insurance company bank account.  The article show the profits aren’t even going to shareholders but rather to large salaries and bonuses for insurance company executives.

Wolfgram Law puts people before profits

Do not stomp on patient’s rights.  The stronger the rights of patients, the safer the medicine will be.  What goes on behind the curtain in hospitals around the country needs to be exposed in our open courts.

If you, or someone you know has been injured because of or due to mistakes made by the hospital or doctor, call Wolfgram Law to champion the rights of patients who have suffered serious malpractice and other types of personal injuries.