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How Long Does an Injury Lawsuit Take?

From time to time, a client or friend of ours may ask us, How long does a lawsuit take? The amount of time it takes varies based on a number of circumstances but here are some general guidelines depending on the type personal injury case.

Workers Compensation

From the time treatment is complete most workers compensation cases settle within six to nine months.  If the case must be tried the average time is more than one year and less than two.  The more complex the injury the longer it takes, but ninety percent of cases are complete within this time frame.

Personal Injury – Auto

From the time treatment is complete, most truck accidents or auto accident cases  settle within three to six months.  If the suit is required the time from lawsuit to jury trial is generally a year.  The more complex the case the longer it can take.  The more defendants there are in a case, the longer it takes.

Medical Malpractice

While many cases settle before a lawsuit is ever filed, products cases and medical malpractice cases generally require a lawsuit.  The average time from suit to verdict or settlement is less than two years.