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Gaps in treatment can kill your case

Delay in seeking treatment can kill your case.

It is not an uncommon human experience to take time away from doctors and treatment in order to “heal thyself.”

You go to the doctor, the physical therapist, chiropractor. They are nice people but you don’t want to have to pay to see them more times than you need. You have learned everything the physical therapist has taught you and now you are on your own, “doing your thing.”

For many, it is home exercises, walks, stretching, over-the-counter medications, heating pads, ice, etc. You know just what to do and when to do it.

However, we know that, generally speaking, the least credible person in the eyes of the jury is YOU. For someone suffering permanent and progressive injuries, juries want to hear from doctors— the experts.

All too often, we see good cases ruined by gaps in treatment, which are often followed by injections, MRI, and surgery that were needed but put off for one reason or another.

There is nothing wrong with healing yourself, but your progress should be followed by a medical expert at least quarterly (or four times a year).

Don’t Delay

Get Treatment Right Away.

If you were really hurt, you would not sit at home. You would go to the ER, urgent care, your primary doctors. Something.

Delays in receiving the first medical treatment can affect the outcome and value of your case. Juries are less likely to believe that your injuries are serious if you wait too long before seeing a doctor.

There is built-in credibility from an early evaluation of your injuries.

For example, it is believed that if you were really hurt, you would have sought medical treatment.

There are many doctors who will provide treatment now and wait until your case is resolved to receive payment.These are good doctors providing quality medical care, and you don’t have to pay out of pocket for something that was the defendant’s fault.

Don’t be a no call, no show

Complete all your treatment. Be a compliant and courteous patient.

The doctor has cleared a space for you on their schedule and you blew them off. That was their chance to help you, but also how they make their money.

When you miss appointments, you send a message that the treatment isn’t necessary because you aren’t really hurt.

Can’t make it?

Don’t need it?

Cancel the appointment!

Everyone has things come up where they can’t make it or have to reschedule. Everyone understands this— you just need to call and reschedule as soon as possible.

And don’t wait too long between treatments. Don’t create a gap in treatment that can kill your case!