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Three-Quarter Million Product Liability Settlement

John was killed when the passenger door of the box truck in which he was riding opened unexpectedly and he fell out, striking his head on the road. On behalf of John’s parents, Wolfgram & Associates, P.C. filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County, Missouri, against the truck manufacturer and the company that leased the trucks to John’s employer. During discovery, we uncovered records from the truck leasing company showing that, on numerous prior occasions, the doors on similar box trucks had opened unexpectedly while the trucks were in transit. However, the truck leasing company failed to take these trucks out of service while they investigated the cause of these door openings. At mediation we were able to negotiate a $750,000.00 settlement.

Truck Accident Settlement:

$2.7 Million with $6 Million Structure

Tractor Trailer Collision on rainy Highway 70. It was a horrible rain storm and our client’s driver lost control in the rain and left the roadway. Their vehicle went up an embankment, hit a light pole and spun back onto the highway. On the highway, a semi, which was going too fast and should have never been on the road to begin with, broadsided the car in which our client was riding. The driver was killed. The passenger, a bright, young high school sophomore was brain injured for life. Her mother still cares for her. We secured a multi-million dollar settlement which provides a stream of income for the disabled girl. Her mother still cares for her daughter in her home. It was a sad and tragic collision. Both drivers should have been more careful. Heavy trucks which take a long time to stop must adjust their speed for the conditions. Federal Motor Carrier laws require drivers of commercial vehicles to pull over and stop when the weather is too treacherous. What was on that truck that was so important that it cost the life of one and forever changed the life of another? Nothing! If you have a loved one or friend injured by a semi, tractor-trailer or truck call us for help.

Drunk Driving Case Settlement: $1.275 Million

Michael, a 22-year-old, was killed when the driver of the car in which he was riding clipped another vehicle and crashed, ejecting him from the car. Investigation of this accident revealed that the driver of Michael’s car was intoxicated and drove at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour, despite the pleas of her passengers to slow down. The driver was ultimately charged with involuntary manslaughter. Wolfgram & Associates, P.C. filed suit against the driver and the bar that overserved her, and the case settled for insurance policy limits of $1,275,000.00. A drunk driver takes a life. We sue drunk drivers. We also sue bars and restaurants who serve underage drivers and customers who have obviously had too much. You must jump on these cases. We get witness statements, debit and credit card receipts, phone records and all other information that might lead to the people responsible for putting a drunk driver on the road.

Product Liability Settlement: $575,000

Victor seriously injured his shoulder when the scissor lift he was using lost a wheel and partially collapsed, nearly throwing him from the lift basket. Victor caught himself, but suffered a labrum tear of his shoulder which had to be surgically repaired. Wolfgram & Associates, P.C. filed suit in St. Louis County, Missouri, against the scissor lift manufacturer, the owner and lessor of the scissor lift and the lessee of the lift that allowed Victor to use it on the day he was injured. As the evidence developed, it became clear that the scissor lift manufacturer had been aware of problems with the wheels of its lifts detaching for almost 10 years prior to Victor’s injury at work, but had failed to warn its customers of this problem. The manufacturer also failed to fully investigate the reason for the wheel failures and correct the problem. Prior to trial, the parties settled for $575,000.

$400,000 Work Comp Settlement

Chris was a carpenter who injured his low back while pulling a loaded dolly up a flight of stairs. In addition to low back pain, he also developed severe radiating symptoms down his right leg. Chris underwent four low back surgeries over the next four years, but his right leg continued to be a problem and he was unable to return to work. Our law firm helped the client obtain all of the benefits to which he was entitled. We also assisted in arranging medical appointment which often required Court appearances to force the employer to pay for treatment and medications. Chris received Permanent and Total Disability through this worker’s comp case which also included a trust account to pay for future medical treatment for his back. Total settlement was over $400,000.00.

Prison Death

Joe was a loving father co-parenting his young son. Joe was arrested on a misdemeanor and placed in a cell in jail. Although Joe had a known medical condition, he was not given the treatment and died as a result. Our firm filed a civil rights case and recovered money for Joe’s son. Although no one can replace a loving father, Joe’s son now has a chance to be the first person in his family to go to college.

Pedestrian Accident Injury

Estelle was struck by a car while crossing the street in her wheelchair, breaking two ribs. Although she was released from the hospital after only a few days, Estelle later developed the beginnings of pneumonia. Our firm recognized that Estelle’s pneumonia was caused by the accident – she could not take a deep breath because of the pain from her broken ribs. Our firm recovered more than $60,000.00 for her.

Head-On Auto Collision

Laura and her boyfriend, Ronald, were in a head-on collision. Although neither of them had health insurance, our firm fought to get Laura surgery for her foot and knee and Ronald treatment for his eye. We negotiated a settlement on their behalf of over $170,000.

Delivery Driver Strikes Van: $328,000 Verdict

A South City mother who was driving carpool for her children and neighbors was struck at Oleatha and South Kingshighway by an Access Courier delivery driver. The impact was hard enough to flip their minivan. Evidence showed that the delivery driver ran the stop light and broadsided the van. Jury Verdict for the Plaintiff was $283,000 for the mother and $35,000 for her husband on his consortium claim. The children received various amounts for their injuries.

Scalding Death

Scalding death from burn injuries at Missouri Habilitation Center. 42 year old Rudy, disabled by meningitis as a child. Rudy had a great personality, and was loved by family and staff. He was scalded by a caretaker who failed to test the water when giving him a bath. Claims were made against the caretaker, the facility, and the water control valve company. The claim was settled before trial for $575,000.

Worker’s Comp Award – Chemical Exposure

A production chemist at Monsanto suffered chemical exposure after a co-worker botched an experiment, which released an unknown hazardous waste that permanently effected the worker and caused Reactive Airways Disease rendering her completely disabled. The case was tried to verdict and the judge found the employee to only be 25% disabled. The case was an appealed to the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission which rubber-stamped the ALJ decision. The case was appealed to the Eastern District Court of Appeals and lost narrowly on whether the Vocational Rehabilitation Expert’s “survey” was valid. Judges and Juries sometimes make bad decisions. If you don’t try cases, you don’t lose cases. We do not shy away from trying cases. With every case won and lost, we are always striving to learn, adjust and improve the way we try cases. This makes us better trial lawyers. You want attorneys who are willing to fight for you not just run away. Don’t run away. Hire a real trial lawyer.

Trucking Accident

A truck driver crossed the center line of the highway striking Justin’s vehicle head-on. His vehicle was flipped upside down. Justin had to be cut out of his mangled vehicle. His injuries included a severe fracture of the left hip, a head injury, open laceration of the skull, multiple hematomas and abrasions of the chest, left arm and right arm, and left leg. Justin was hospitalized where he underwent surgery to his hip which included the placement of plates and screws. He was unable to work for over three months. Our law firm made sure that the client received the proper medical treatment for his injuries. That he received any and all disability benefits while he was incapacitated. That his medical bills were paid or reduced. A lawsuit against the trucking company was filed. The truck driver’s insurance company settled this case before trial for a confidential high six-figure amount.

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