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When Should I hire a St Louis car accident lawyer after the accident?

There are thousands of car accidents every year in St. Louis. Thankfully, some result in little to
no damage. But many have deeply harmful effects for people involved who have to deal with
damage to their vehicles or, worse, injuries to themselves or their loved ones. The medical bills
and lost wages can add up quickly.

What can you do to protect and provide for yourself and your family after a car accident in St.
Louis? You can contact St. Louis car accident lawyer Wolfgram & Associates for a consultation.

Our attorneys have more than 100 years of combined experience in St. Louis and can make sure you and your family get what you deserve.

But when should you hire a lawyer? Let’s consult an expert, managing partner Kurt Wolfgram, a
lifelong St. Louisan who’s been practicing law for 30 years.

“You should hire a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to get all the information you
need,” Mr. Wolfgram said. “What should I do about my car? Where should I go to get treated
for my injuries? These are things that Wolfgram & Associates attorneys handle frequently and
we can use our expertise to help you and your loved ones.”

There is a sense of urgency in contacting St Louis car accident lawyer because some elements of your case
might be time-sensitive.

“We might need to collect evidence,” Mr. Wolfgram said. “We like to say, ‘Cases are not like
fine wine — they don’t get better with time.’ It’s important to begin the process as soon as

You might think all of this sounds expensive. But Wolfgram & Associates fees only apply after a
victory. If you don’t win, you owe nothing.

“Talking to one of our Wolfgram & Associates lawyers is totally free,” Mr. Wolfgram said. “You
will never pay a dime unless we win. Our time will not cost you money and we will cover the
expenses associated with your case. Our fee will come only as part of an award you receive.”


“We will never ask you for a check; we will only hand you a check.”

To find out the next steps in your car accident case, contact Wolfgram and Associates today at, by calling (314) 361-2700, or by texting (314) 366-9510.


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