About Wolfgram Law

Wolfgram Law was founded in 1997 by attorney Kurt Wolfgram. Kurt has been practicing law since 1992. For over a decade, our firm has worked throughout Missouri and Southern Illinois to establish a solid reputation in the greater St. Louis area, having been awarded numerous accolades.

The core values of our firm are rooted in a willingness to accept the challenges and responsibilities inherent in complex litigation. Victims of sudden tragedy turn to Wolfgram Law, because they know we are committed to investing the necessary time and resources to fully represent every case from start to finish. Furthermore, we excel at seeking out the truth and winning just compensation for our clients as a result.

Our clients come from all walks of life. We represent victims of personal injury. This could mean a construction worker injured on the job to a teacher suffering from a car accident injury. All of these people are important and are treated with dignity and respect during their time of great need.

We respond respectfully and intelligently, regardless of the situation we find ourselves in. That ability reflects the human, financial, and professional resources to every case we undertake. Experience has proven that the power of a single lawsuit can eliminate the dangers caused by unsafe products and practices. We are committed to pursuing this philosophy on behalf of our clients.

Get to know our St. Louis law firm a little better by checking out some pictures of our injury attorneys and our building.